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Minutes of May 31, 2006 Meeting

Tristan Anderson from HOK Architecture provided an update on accessibility issues in the new stadium design.

Mr. Anderson discussed the following:

  1. Entrances to new stadium
  2. Elevation of existing site where new stadium will be built, including the elevations of existing streets and sidewalks
  3. Overview of ramped route serving 161st Street stadium entrance serving the Great Hall.


Questions/Comments from those in attendance:

  • Concern that the route to the accessible entrances on either side of the stairway will be congested with people, making it very difficult for individuals in wheelchairs to reach these accessible entrances.
  • The stairway actually takes up less sidewalk space than a ramp would. Also, a ramp at this location would have to be as long as the length of sidewalk leading to the other major accessible entrances located on both sides of the stairway; the sidewalk provides a more gradual slope than the ramp and becomes part of the general circulation path.

  • Will the entrance to the Stadium’s club be accessible?
  • All entrances to stadium are accessible. Stadium Club is accessed by an elevator.

  • Are wheelchair viewing locations provided on the upper deck? Is the upper deck in the new stadium less steep than the current stadium?
  • Yes – wheelchair-viewing locations are provided on the upper deck. The upper deck is not as steep as the current stadium – it is much more accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Will wheelchair viewing locations in new stadium accommodate large motorized wheelchairs with equipment? Will people in wheelchairs that do not have the ability to turn their head be able to see the field?
  • The wheelchair viewing locations at the new stadium are much deeper than the locations at the current stadium and should be able to accommodate most large motorized wheelchairs. The deeper spaces will allow people to maneuver their wheelchairs more easily in order to achieve a better view of the field.

  • Will monitors be provided for people with visual impairments?
  • Topic for Task Group.

  • Will the new stadium have seating designated for people with visual impairments?
  • Topic for Task Group.

  • Will accessible locations be reserved only for people that use wheelchairs?
  • Yes & Topic for Task Group. People with disabilities who do not use wheelchairs do not need clear floor space that comprises a wheelchair viewing location.

    Comment that outdoor terrace above batter’s eye area will provide protection from foul balls.

  • Will all wheelchair viewing locations be protected by a foul ball screen?
  • Member of audience suggested that some locations should be provided with a foul ball screen and some without, allowing individuals to have a choice.
    Topic for Task Group.

  • Will the Yankees require documentation of a disability from individuals wanting to purchase seats in the wheelchair viewing locations?
  • Topic for Task Group.

  • Will the new stadium have unisex toilet rooms?
  • Yes – every level of the new stadium will have unisex toilet rooms.


Ed Roether from HOK provided an update on life safety features of the new Yankee Stadium.

    Questions/Comments from those in attendance:

  • In an emergency, how will people with disabilities get out of stadium? Will the Yankees have evacuation chairs to use on stairs?
  • The elevators at Yankee Stadium will work in an emergency because they will be equipped with a “standby power” source (e.g. even when there is no power).
    The stadium is designed so that smoke does not accumulate in the elevator banks.

  • Will the new stadium have elevators designated for use only by individuals with disabilities?
  • Topic for Task Group.

  • Has HOK looked at other new stadiums to use as an example?
  • Yes, HOK has looked at other stadiums. In fact, all of the stadiums mentioned by audience member were designed by HOK.


Dominic Marinelli from United Spinal Association explained the formation of four Task Groups:

  1. Transportation & Access to/from Yankee Stadium
  2. Accessible Accommodations
  3. Graphics Design
  4. Communication

Participants are asked to contact Linda Volpe or Dominic Marinelli if they are interested in participating on one of the four task groups.


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