1. Paul Ersboll, Senior Project Manager of NYC Department of Parks & Recreation described the layout of the New Yankee Stadium, which will include park areas, playgrounds, Little League baseball fields and parking facilities.

Mr. Ersboll discussed the following:
• Location of parking facilities and their distance from stadium entrances
• Number of accessible parking spaces the parking facilities contain

Questions/Comments from those in attendance:
• Will there be directional aides for people with visual impairments?
Follow-up required
• Will NYC Parks work with MTA to improve subway signage?
Follow-up required
• Will NYC Parks and the Yankees work with NYPD to enforce parking requirements & maintain clear accessible routes?
NYPD enforcement will be topic of future Outreach Meeting

2. Nancy Barthold, Assistant Commissioner for Capital Projects for the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, introduced herself as the point-person on ADA compliance

3. Ed Roether from HOK architects described line of sight for individuals using wheelchairs. The floor of the wheelchair locations at the New Yankee Stadium will be raised so that a person sitting in a wheelchair will have his or her eye level at the same height as a standing person in order to have a line of sight over standing spectators. Lines of sight in the new stadium will be exceptional compared to those in the existing stadium.

Questions/Comments from those in attendance:

• Will there be transfer seats at the new stadium? Yes (1% of the seating will feature removable armrests).
• Will the club at the new stadium be accessible? Yes (United Spinal confirmed access to Stadium Club during review of Schematic Designs).
• Investigate designated seating area for persons with visual impairments. – Follow-up required
• Ensure that people who need accessible seating will be able to get accessible seating – This will be ensured by implementation of compliant ticket policy as construction nears completion.

4. Companion Seating – seats will be really nice folding chairs with cushions, armrests, and the Yankee logo. Carol Laurenzano of the New York Yankees will try to have a proto type or photo by our next Outreach Meeting.

5. Topics for future meetings (Next meeting will be in mid-spring)
• Usability of concession stands
• Accessibility of menus
• Enforcement
• Subways
• Drop off points


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