March 5th, 2008 Mets Outreach Meeting Minutes (Shea Stadium)


Opening Remarks:
Dominic Marinelli, United Spinal Association

Construction Update:
Mike Sabatini, HOK Sport

Ed Roether, HOK Sport

Exterior Update:
Karl Metz, Jack L. Gordon Architects, PC AIA

NYC Transit Update:
Janet Lamphier, Assistant to the President
Larry Gould, Senior Operations

Ticket Policy Update:
Kleo King, United Spinal Association

Construction Update:

Facade is near completion
Two light towers are in place
Rotunda → Main entrance 160 ft wide x 70 ft tall – It is enclosed now so you have a sense of the grandeur. Slide shows the details of the brick arches which give it an Ebbets Field look and feel. The Rotunda is dedicated to Jackie Robinson which will have a time line of his accomplishments and the 9 tenets he lived by. Jackie’s images will be on facade and glass.

Team store, ticket booth, ATMs, and elevators, stairs and escalators to the levels will all be located off of the Rotunda.
Concrete block walls are beginning to be put up.
Men’s and Women’s Rooms will be designated by colors (red and green) as well as signage.

All concession/service counters are at 34 inches off the finished floor.

Question – Are the concession stands equipped with an induction loop?
Response – The cost is not the most concerning issue since it is relatively inexpensive but there are technical issues with providing an induction loop for the concessions, including bleed from adjacent signals.
Update – United Spinal followed-up with contacts provided by Janice Schacter (Fred Palm) who indicated that concession stands would need to provide audio amplification for a loop system. Audio amplification systems will not be provided within Concessions within the new Citi Field

Question – Are menus in alternate formats?
Response – Alternate formats other than signage is the responsibility of the concessionaire, who has not yet determined menu provisions for concession stands. The signage package for concession stands not yet done but United Spinal will consider accommodations for those with disabilities when we review this issue.

Question – Are menus in alternate formats?
Response – signage package for concession stands not yet done but we will consider accommodations for those with disabilities when we review that package.
Score boards – all boards have captioning capability


West parking lot:
4100 spaces of that 209 are accessible and 37 are van accessible

North parking lot:
845 spaces of that 43 are accessible and 10 are van accessible

South parking lot:
602 spaces of that 31 are accessible and 6 are van accessible

Total: 5,560 spaces, 283 accessible, 53 van accessible

MTA Plaza is further south
Pasaralle is replaced with stairs, 6 inch riser 200 ft x 200 ft

NYC Transit Update:
Janet Lanphier, Assistant to the President 646-252-5800
Larry Gould, Senior Director, Operations Analysis

Janet stated that NYCT is looking into the possibility of the Q48 or an alternative serving as a shuttle from Flushing Main Street stop to stadium on game days. She asked audience for suggestions –
Response – extend service on Q32 & Q66 to the stadium on game day.

There are 2 solutions for this project:
Long term → proper ADA accessible station – agreed making it accessible is a
good idea but didn’t say would do it, out of 420 station complexes, station is
ranked at number 232 = low ridership

Short Term → a capital plan project will include painting, platform work and closing gaps. MTA Board has been approached to get an extra $2 million approved for project

Question: Can the Q32 bus line extend service from Penn Station considering it a limited service (stated that unions are for it)?
Response: It will be looked into and considered.

Question: Can there be 1 escalator (exterior) instead of walking up stairs?
Response: No because it will be problematic because of rain and snow. Stairs rebuilt by Mets.

Suggestion from audience: have shuttles run from more then 1 location.

Many complained that police vehicles are sometimes parked in accessible spaces.

Matt Sapolin replied by saying when you see this issue, get the exact location, let him know and it will be brought to the attention of the Police Commissioner.

Question: Currently, there is a lack of space for police vehicles, is there an area for police in the architectural plan?
Response: Not as of now. However, North side which is 300 ft long is designated for back of house operations such as camera crew, team buses, etc.

Question: Who will operate parking lot?
Response: Mets will hire an independent group.

Park Chop Hill: will be accessible – paved, include crosswalk, slope has been redone but can not say what new slope is.

Ticket Policy:

We asked for guidance from DOJ as far as fraud and ticket policy is concerned.

Also, asked for guidelines as to accommodations for people with other disabilities such as hard of hearing, low vision, etc. DOJ has stated that wheelchair locations can not be offered to people with non-mobility disabilities (i.e.: visual disabilities) until section sells out and tickets for wheelchair locations can be released.

Best idea will be for all with concerns to write to DOJ, the more voices the more likely they will address the issues.

Question: Will Shea put aside separate seats for people who have other disabilities?
Response: Everyone will work together on reasonable accommodations