Federal Accessibility Requirements

Most building designers are familiar with their local accessibility requirements, however often there is much more confusion when it comes to federal accessibility regulations. The recent introduction of the

Accessible Benches In Dressing Rooms, Fitting Rooms, & Locker Rooms

The 2010 ADA Standards require dressing rooms, fitting rooms, and locker rooms to comply with the accessibility requirements of sections 222 and 803 of the 2010 Standards.

A New Accessible Entrance at Regional Mall

Common perception is that accessible design is ugly and often builders and architects think accessible elements distract from good architecture. Countless times I hear concern that accessibility will result

Equipment & Furniture Proposed Rule

During the planning of a building, architects and designers provide placement of equipment and furniture in the various rooms and spaces. Thus, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ)

Update: Enhanced Accessibility Requirements for ATM’s

Accessibility Services staff members have received questions from stakeholders seeking guidance on the accessibility requirements for Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s) that are found in the 2010 ADA Design Standards

US Department of Justice Issues Revised ADA Title II & III Regulations

Accessibility Services Staff Members have been providing training programs on the Revised ADA/ABA Accessibility Guidelines for several years, and everyone always asks – “When will DOJ adopt these new