The 2010 ADA Standards require dressing rooms, fitting rooms, and locker rooms to comply with the accessibility requirements of sections 222 and 803 of the 2010 Standards.

Where these types of rooms are provided in clusters, five percent (5%) but at least one room in each cluster must comply. The significant change from the 1991 Standards where the clear floor space was allowed in front of the bench is that the 2010 Standards require the clear floor space at the end of the bench. The technical criteria for benches are found in Section 903 of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

Changing bench In addition, benches shall provide the following: seats that are 42 inches long minimum and 20 inches deep minimum and 24 inches deep maximum, back support 42 inches long minimum and extend from a point 2 inches maximum above the seat surface to a point 18 inches minimum above the seat surface, and be 2½ inches maximum from the rear edge of the seat measured horizontally or shall be affixed to a wall.

Changing benchThe requirements in the 2010 Standards for the bench in an accessible dressing, fitting, or locker room apply only to new construction and alterations after March 15, 2012. The requirements for alterations in the 2010 Standards only apply to specific elements or spaces that are being altered. So providing the clear floor space at the end of the bench as required by the 2010 Standards instead of in front of the bench as is allowed by the 1991 Standards would only be required when the bench in the accessible dressing room is altered or when the entire dressing room area is altered.